See the Portfolio menu for pages with more work. My pottery has been fired to nearly 2400 degrees Fahrenheit. If treated properly, it will last for many years. Extreme temperature changes should always be avoided. Casseroles should be brought up to baking temperature with the oven; teapots should be briefly filled with hot tap water. The glazes contain no lead, are dishwasher and oven safe and microwavable.

It’s hard to know whether the work gets simpler or more complex as the years go by. On the one hand, I strive for forms which are forceful, striking, and clear. On the other, I aim for surfaces which involve multiple layers of slip and glaze.

The successful piece marries the form and glaze in an interplay which engages the senses, reminding the viewer of the natural world about oneself and evoking an emotional response.

I’m never sure whether a piece’s success comes about because of the constant internal dialogue within me, or because I’ve managed to quell all of the internal “noise” and somehow connect with the simple path towards the clarity I seek.                                                                    ~Richard