I am a full-time potter working in an urban studio in Rochester, NY. I produce single-fired, wood ash glazed functional stoneware, selling out of my showroom, at art fairs and at galleries all around the country.

I learned my craft in a community studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, rather than in an academic institution, as is common today. Surrounded by extremely talented and generous potters, I learned much of what I needed to know to earn my living. Michael Frasca, Brenda Brown Tarbell, Michael Astalos, Bob Hasselle and Pam Korte are just a few of the folks to whom I owe a large debt of gratitude. It was a good way to learn, without academic term deadlines and able to absorb and progress at my own speed.

After a few more years working and learning in other potteries, I set up shop in Cincinnati and worked with Michael Frasca, and later Allan Nairn at Spring Street Pottery.

We produced a line of gallery pots and architectural work until 1987, when I moved to the Finger Lakes region of western New York State. I worked in beautiful rural solitude for 16 years before moving to Rochester.

I share a large studio in the Hungerford Building in Rochester with Carolyn Dilcher-Stutz.  Each of us produces our own line of work, as well as a large number of collaborative pieces. Please feel free to stop by anytime, or contact me, if you have questions or requests.