The New Studio!!

February 1…Well, almost there. It has been a long and hard haul (literally and figuratively), but we are mostly moved in, and mostly moved out of the old studio in the Hungerford Building. Still lots to do…every day I load the van and bring it back to the new studio and try to squeeze the cargo in, and we still need the utility company to hook up full power so we can fire the kilns, and the spray booth needs to be built, and the grounds need grading and landscaping, and the cedar shakes need to be put on and painted, and the decks need to be built, and…you get the idea. But Carolyn has started throwing and it’s starting to feel like we belong here, which is totally sweet. We still have our Etsy shops up and running for those interested in pots (Richard and Carolyn), and we hope to have some very new work up shortly. For those interested in shopping in person, until Omicron settles down, we’re asking you to look through our online shops, pick out pieces of interest, let us know and we’ll send you options, and if you want to buy, we’ll do curbside service with you. (Contact us for our home address) That’s about it for now…2000 pounds of clay moved today, I’m pooped and going to relax. Stop back in a week or so for a new view of the kiln and glaze room.


I am a full-time potter working in Rochester, NY. I have been making my living in clay since 1979, and produce a range of stoneware, ash glazed and single-fired, which is suitable for use on the table and around the house. My work is available to see and purchase in my studio showroom, at galleries and art fairs around the country, which are just a mouseclick away on this website.

I am also available for demonstration and hands-on workshops both in my studio and at art centers and schools around the country. I share a large urban studio with Carolyn Dilcher Stutz, each of us working individually as well as collaboratively. Please feel free to stop in or contact me at any time. Meanwhile, wander the site, sample images and writings from the past thirty years, and feel free to contact me anytime! Thanks for visiting! ~Richard Aerni