A Change is coming…

As the holiday season approaches, I am offering special deals on pots purchased at the studio showroom to save me the trouble of packing and moving them to the new studio. Please call, text or email me to make an appointment. Thanks!

raerni@gmail.com 585-429-0211

September 1   Ground has been broken for our long anticipated home studio! With any luck, come the New Year we will be moved out of the Hungerford Building and into our new place. It will be a tight, tidy, much smaller space than we have been used to occupying, but that will be a welcome change and a challenge. We'll continue to update with pictures and news as the timing gets closer, but meanwhile we are still in our Hungerford studio and the showroom is open. As there are no plans to move or build a gas kiln in the new space, what I produce between now and the move will be the last of my pieces available using reduction firing. So, 45 years of gas firing and reduction glazes will be morphing into an electric look. Time to shop, folks! My Etsy shop is filled, as is Carolyn's. If you want to book an appointment at the studio/showroom, email me (raerni@gmail.com) or give me a call or text (585-429-0211). Stay tuned!
PS. In order to keep everyone we meet safe during these challenging times, we require that studio visitors be vaccinated, and masked while in the studio. We feel that it is a small price to pay to keep our friends and family as safe as we can make them. Thanks for your cooperation!


I am a full-time potter working in Rochester, NY. I have been making my living in clay since 1979, and produce a range of stoneware, ash glazed and single-fired, which is suitable for use on the table and around the house. My work is available to see and purchase in my studio showroom, at galleries and art fairs around the country, which are just a mouseclick away on this website.

I am also available for demonstration and hands-on workshops both in my studio and at art centers and schools around the country. I share a large urban studio with Carolyn Dilcher Stutz, each of us working individually as well as collaboratively. Please feel free to stop in or contact me at any time. Meanwhile, wander the site, sample images and writings from the past thirty years, and feel free to contact me anytime! Thanks for visiting! ~Richard Aerni