I’m teaching a class in August. Here are details:

Glorious Ash Glazes for Cone 6
Participants in this workshop will learn various methods for increasing the beauty and appeal of their electric fired cone 6 work through glaze application methods, additions of various layers of glaze and slip, how to work with glazes and amend them to suit their tastes, and how to use firing and cooling ramps.

Participants should bring 10 pieces of bisque ware of white cone 6 clay which will be spray glazed and fired early in the workshop.  The bisque should be vertical pieces no taller than 8 inches, such as vases, pitchers, or jars.  While the kiln fires and cools, we will explore sectional throwing methods easily achievable in the home studio or art center.  An analysis of the fired results will take place.

If there is sufficient time and bisque, a second firing may be conducted.

This workshop requires some knowledge of throwing on the wheel and glazing.  There will be correspondence with Richard pre and post workshop to familiarize participants with the workshop and to help digest and discuss developments in their making.

August 24-29  Thursday to Tuesday | 9:30-am-5 pm
Sugar Maples Center for the Creative Arts
7971 Main Street, Hunter, NY 12442
518-263-2001 | www.sugarmaples.org

I am a full-time potter working in Rochester, NY. I have been making my living in clay since 1979, and produce a range of stoneware, ash glazed and single-fired, which is suitable for use on the table and around the house. My work is available to see and purchase in my studio showroom, at galleries and art fairs around the country, which are just a mouseclick away on this website.

brown_bowl_2667I am also available for demonstration and hands-on workshops both in my studio and at art centers and schools around the country. I share a large urban studio with Carolyn Dilcher Stutz, each of us working individually as well as collaboratively. Please feel free to stop in or contact me at any time. Meanwhile, wander the site, sample images and writings from the past thirty years, and feel free to contact me anytime! Thanks for visiting! ~Richard Aerni